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Ghost Productions is recognized as a leading 3D medical animation studio and company. A medical animator is a highly skilled computer visualization specialist who also has extensive knowledge of medical concepts. Our studio makes 3D medical animation that explains surgical devices and pharmaceutical products. We're fast, accurate, and produce high quality content for training, marketing, and sales. The staff members working in the medical animation production studio of Ghost Productions are skilled artists, animators, programmers, and developers who understand anatomy, biological processes and medical science. The combination of this medical knowledge and skills in creating 3D computer animation is necessary to produce an accurate and detailed 3D Medical Animated Videos.

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History of Medicine ( January 2020 ) 
Ghost Productions "HEAL" Medical animation still.
HEAL ( April 2009 )
Ghost  "Herniated Disk" Medical Animation Still
Herniated Disk ( February 2014 )
Ghost Medical's "Depuy Spine - Cervical" Animation Still.
Depuy Spine - Cervical ( October 2012 ) 
Ghost Production's "Inspiring Hope" Animation Still.
Inspiring Hope ( June 2014 )

Experienced in All Types of Medicine

3D Medical Animation Services

3D medical animation explains medical devices, surgical implants, and pharmaceutical products exceptionally well. Make your medical marketing more beautiful. Engage your audience with anatomically accurate renderings of your surgical procedure and sell more medical devices with 3D animated computer graphics that delivers clarity faster than video, photos, or still images.

Whether it is to create an educational resource, showcase the applications and benefits of a particular medical device, or even just a marketing video created for a broad audience, 3D medical animation can address a lot of needs in the healthcare industry, which is why these services are becoming more and more sought out by key players.

Why Choose 3D Medical Animations?

Custom medical 3D animation can answer a lot of issues healthcare companies are facing. The challenges of accurately describing and communicating complex biomedical theories and processes can make room for a lot of gaps in the system, leading to various problems, from a lack of good understanding of the human body to a company’s inability to effectively show the benefits of their newly developed medical device. But 3D animation can potentially make things a lot clearer in this sense, as computer graphics can be used to accurately showcase what’s going on inside the human body. And unlike with a photograph, these animations can allow viewers to gain a better insight into the intricacies of the human anatomy. Much of the results of the medical 3D animation depend on the training and understanding of the artist when it comes to complex biomedicine concepts. This is why medical 3D animation service providers should work closely with experts in the medical field to make sure the final result is a faithful depiction of reality. When done right, 3D medical animation can be applied to various sectors of the healthcare industry, being integrated into everything from scientific research to ad campaigns, broadcasts, staff training, and even patient communication.

Some Major Uses of 3D Medical Animation Services Can Include:

Presenting New Products

From new drugs to prosthetics and other medical devices, these renditions can be used to effectively showcase how the product interacts with the human body. For example, with medical device animation specifically, a 3D video can display the benefits of using the devices, as well as serve as training for physicians on how to use them;

Supporting Technology Development and Research

Researchers often have to convince investors their theories and ideas are worth exploring, which at a purely theoretical rate can be difficult, especially if investors lack a deeper understanding of their approach. Through a custom 3D medical animation, researchers and developers can take their concepts and create a visual rendition of them that can accurately depict what their work is trying to achieve, which could help attract funding more easily;

Depict the Mechanism of Action (MOA)

MOA is a term used commonly in pharmacology to describe how a drug interacts with the body at a molecular level. Consumers sometimes have a difficult time grasping exactly how the treatment will benefit them, but through 3D animation pharmaceutical companies can paint a better picture, showcase the drug’s journey through the body and how it interacts with it.


3D Surgical Animation Services

When conveying complex information, presenting the information in various media can help people better understand the story. 3D surgical animation can provide immense visual details to complement written or verbal communications. Confucius is often quoted as saying, “I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.” That means to gain a deep understanding of topics truly, we must hear, see, and do.

What are 3D Surgical Animations?

3D surgical animations make it possible to easily explain surgical procedures with a significantly higher comprehension than surgical video production alone. Medical schools use 3D surgery animation to help students learn about surgical procedures. They can provide perspectives for surgeries that are just not possible with other types of media.

Why Choose 3D Surgical Animations?

Under traditional forms of education, it would be nearly impossible to have medical students and professionals gain a deeper understanding of particular protocols. Some instances cannot be replicated in real-life to provide the context for preparing for that situation. Case studies can help, but they only offer one piece of the puzzle for solving complex issues. For this reason, we can turn case studies into highly enriching animations that give a visual reference for the information. With the assistance of Virtual Reality, you can create an interactive simulation of a situation that provides students with a chance to hear, see, and do.

Uses For 3D Surgical Animations

Because 3D surgical animations are vivid and versatile, they can be used for a wide array of needs, including:

Patient Education Videos

Patients who choose elective plastic surgery, for example, benefit from seeing the procedures demonstrated using 3D surgery animation. These 3D surgical animations help them understand the procedures and make a better-informed choice about which procedure they wish to undergo. These patient education videos make them feel comfortable and set reasonable expectations about surgical outcomes.

Train Staff and Surgeons

3D surgical animations can be created to cover any topic. Unlike live-action surgery videos that can only give the camera’s perspective, 3D surgical animations can provide views from various angles to provide further context to the instruction.

Marketing Videos

Whether it is for a trade show, conference, social media, or investor presentations, 3D surgical animations can give unique details that convey a lot of information in a short time.

Provide Information
for Legal Proceedings

In situations where complex scientific information needs to be condensed into easily understandable information, 3D surgical animations can provide the participants in a legal proceeding with the information they need. They are especially useful for cases where forensics evidence needs clarification to be understood.

Pediatric Patient
Education Videos

Videos can be tailored to appeal better to children and help them understand a procedure’s process. This will help alleviate their fears and make them much more comfortable before, during, and after a procedure.

How to Use Medical Devices

New devices are sometimes complicated to learn for even the most seasoned healthcare professional. 3D surgical animations can show precisely how to operate correctly, implant, maintain, or dispose of a device.

These are only a few of the situations where 3D surgical animations and patient education videos can make different processes easier to understand. At Ghost Productions, we can help bring your ideas to life by creating amazingly detailed and life-like animations. We have expertise in a wide array of areas within the medical field and provide exactly what you need. We guide you through the entire process from pre-production to post-production. Trust us to handle everything for you from start to finish expertly. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and find out how we can help!


3D Scientific Animations

Scientific animations are a great way to take complex topics that are difficult to learn by reading text or hearing a lecture and making them easier to comprehend. Many uses for scientific animations include mechanism of action (MoA) videos to give the viewer an in-depth understanding of a scientific principle, process, or product.These visual marvels can be used to provide comprehensive explanations as well as develop interactive applications. Use them to fascinate, thrill, educate, and pique the curiosity of prospective clients, investors, or boost your social media performance.Choosing an experienced scientific animation company is the first step toward an accurate representation of your product or service to audiences on a mass scale. Start your project today with Ghost Productions.

What Are 3D Scientific Animations?

3D scientific animations help provide visual elements to add context for educational or product presentation videos. The flexibility of scale in 3D scientific animation allows the presentation to focus on the appropriate level — from the tiniest nano-sized structures in the mechanism of action videos to life-sized parts to mega-structures such as global weather patterns.

Why Choose 3D Scientific Animations?

There are nearly endless possibilities for using 3D scientific animation videos. Not only are they great for teaching, but they can also be used in marketing, investor presentations, and much more. They provide detailed visual information that can be shown from various angles, so the person watching it feels as though they are experiencing it themselves. When combined with Virtual Reality and other interactive media, 3D scientific animations can immerse the viewer into an entirely different world. They bring even the smallest ideas to life in extraordinary ways.

Uses for 3D
Scientific Animations

While the possibilities are endless, the most common uses for 3D scientific animations include:

Brand Awareness

Don’t just tell prospective clients or investors about your brand. Show them!

Presentation of Products

From medical devices to medications to innovative new tools, providing a visual representation can help give much-needed context to prospective clients or investors. Even if you have a prototype, a 3D scientific animation allows people to see inside your product to show them how it is different from anything else on the market.

Provide Information
for Legal Proceedings

3D scientific animation or mechanism of action videos can provide the participants in a legal proceeding with the information about complex medical, scientific, or forensic evidence they need to make an informed decision.

Train Staff on New Products

By adding videos to your staff training strategy, you can boost their knowledge of new products or processes so they can accurately convey the information to customers. This will help them better serve customers by providing information quickly and efficiently.

Present Visually Complex
Scientific Concepts

These can include genetics, neuroscience, microbiology, and nano-biology. Providing a mechanism of action video can show precisely how a drug or device interacts with and the effect on a physiological condition. They are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies to show the effect of the medication but can be used for every field of science.

Learn more about the benefits of MoA videos here.

When deciding how to proceed with your 3D scientific animation or mechanism of action video, the first step should be choosing the right company with the experience you need to get the job done right. The company should have a deep understanding of your field to be able to convey the information properly expertly. Ghost Productions is that company. We have in-house experts with extensive training in various scientific and medical fields, and we apply our expertise to creating phenomenal 3D scientific animations and mechanisms of action videos. We aim to provide you with the highest-quality and most comprehensive scientific animations. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss your ideas and needs and experience the Ghost Productions difference!

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Ghost Productions is an award-winning medical media production company that can help you with custom medical animation and marketing services. We offer a wide array of digital representation services that can help anyone in the medical field improve their marketing, support patient communication efforts, or even streamline staff training. Our team is highly trained and has a great understanding of biomedical processes, so they can accurately represent your device or product in a 3D medical animation, or other types of illustrations you may be interested in. Contact Ghost Productions now and tell us more about how we can help you train your surgeons, sell more medical devices, or explain your pharmaceutical product.